Dr.  Z’s background:

Florida real estate salesman license in 1979

Florida real estate broker license in 1983

Florida real estate instructor license in 1986

(All real estate licenses are still active)

MBA in 1988

Over twenty years (1975 - 1996) with corporate America. 

PhD in 1999

Supreme Court of Florida Certified Arbitrator 2005

Supreme Court of Florida Certified 

Mediator 2005

Serves as a mediator in thirty counties within Florida:

Disputes about the terms and conditions of real estate loans or loan defaults (FORECLOSURE).

Market value of land, improvements, or both, as provided in a lease agreement that grants the lessee a purchase option at an unspecified price.

The market value of a fractional interest in a property in order to arrive at a “buyout” price under the terms of a partnership or other joint-ownership agreement.

The appropriate remedy concerning disputes about the terms and conditions of real estate contracts and partnership agreements.

Disputes on whether or not a real estate commission has been earned and is payable.

A decision rendered in a condominium, cooperative, or owners association dispute.

Resolution of a dispute involving land use and zoning issues.

Family Mediation for issues involving claims for divorce, visitation, and paternity issues.

Juvenile Dependency Mediation involving some form of neglect of a minor child by his/her guardian. 

Small Claims Court Mediation involving contract disputes up to $5000.

 Dr. Z’s objective is to cost-effectively guide the conflict to resolution in a civil manner. He keeps the disputants focused to resolve the issues and not demean the relationship between parties. His experience has shown that the parties, who own the disputes, know more about the issues at hand. Consequently, they should agree to the contract that they would live by as opposed to a total stranger at the courthouse forcing them to an agreement.



Dr. Z has been working with conflict management since 1989.

Florida Certified Mediator   Dr.Zabetakis@gmail.com (813) 657-5777


Florida Supreme Court's (2010) Administrative Order AOSC09-54 required the borrower to comply with disclosure.  The lender and servicer had to disclose IF the borrower made a request 30 days prior to the mediation. (Form on third page, "Foreclosure News")

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often the real loser...in fees, expenses and waste of time"  

-Abraham Lincoln-

The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, "If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." You may dislike your opponent or be angry at him for blocking your way, but your negotiations with him should be civil and friendly not argumentative and hostile. Keep your cool when attacked, and respond with sound arguments and supporting facts, not an outburst of temper or shouting. Try to highlight, whenever possible, the common goals and points of agreement between you. After all, this isn't war, it's a negotiation. The two of you have, for the most part, similar goals; it's your ideas on how to achieve these goals that differ. When responding, use phrases that show your empathy with the other person's position, such as "That's a good point" or "I agree with most of that, but . . ." Make the other person feel like a winner and both of you will be.

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