Mediation Pricing and Policies

   Dr. Z offers free consultation and does not require any retainer’s fees. You will only pay on the day of the mediation for the actual duration of each mediation session (or the 2 hour minimum), but 3 or more hours are always reserved in advance. If you anticipate a longer session, please request the extra time when scheduling, along with any other requirements such as easel, TV/DVD, speaker phones, etc. Also have available all case, attorney and party information to complete your scheduling more quickly. It is recommended that each party present a brief written summary of the case to the mediator via Email, at least five (5) business days prior to the mediation. 
These fees listed below include the mediator’s time for preparation (Please note Preparation Time below), local travel and final document processing.  Each attorney and unrepresented party is requested to bring prepayment to each session for the amount of the first two hours. All remaining fees are due at the end of the mediation for that day.   For parties represented by counsel, the attorney is responsible for all fees and hence our company will not be required to seek payment from any attorney’s client (Please note Responsibilities of Attorneys below). 
All formal court filing fees are the responsibility of the parties, not our company.

Mediation Services are billed at the hourly rate of $135.00/client; the following minimums apply:
Services provided at your area office
½ Day Reserved   –    2 Hour Minimum
Full Day Reserved – 4 Hour Minimum 

Mediation Services are billed at the hourly rate of $209.00/client; the following minimums apply: 
Services provided at our Tampa Office
½ Day Reserved   –   2 Hour Minimum
Full Day Reserved – 4 Hour Minimum 

Services provided outside of our Tampa office but within 1 hour travel time each way:
No Charge For Travel Time
½ Day Reserved   –   3 Hour Minimum
Full Day Reserved – 6 Hour Minimum 

Services provided outside of Tampa in excess of 1 (one) hour travel time each way: 
Travel Time billed at normal hourly rate; fees accrue after the first 3 hours of total 
travel time.
½ Day Reserved   –   5 Hour Minimum
Full Day Reserved – 8 Hour Minimum

Each party’s attorney, if any, shall be responsible for timely delivery of each party’s fees.
Significant travel expenses (e.g., air travel, rental car, meals and lodging, when the engagement requires) will be discussed and prepayment arrangements made with the parties, at least two weeks prior to commencement of the first day of mediation conference. PREPARATION TIME (if applicable)
Review of Pre-Mediation Summary and other documents beyond 15 minutes per party will be billed to that party at the rate of  $100.00 per hour. If the total time of review does not exceed 30 minutes, no fee is charged.
Notice of cancellation or postponement of a scheduled mediation conference must be received at least 5 full business days (this therefore excludes intervening weekends or federal holidays) prior to the scheduled commencement of the mediation conference. 
Absent such timely notification, the parties will be billed their pro rata shares of the cancellation/postponement fee:
½ day reserved = $600.00
Full day reserved (per day reserved) = $1,200.00
Plus pro rata share of travel expenses incurred, e.g., airline change fees or penalties

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